Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Enable wireless on boot

If wireless connection is not enabled by default on boot, you have to do two simple steps:
  • in a Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) type  sudo gedit /etc/profile.d/  and give your root password
  • copy the following line, save and close:  nmcli nm wifi on
Now it should be enabled every time you boot the system.

Add keyboard shortcut for shutdown dialog

If you want to add a custom keyboard shortcut to open the shutdown menu, you have to:

  • go on Menu --> Keyboard, and then on the "Shortcuts" tab
  • click on the "+" button
  • give a name you desire and the following command:  gnome-session-quit --power-off
  • Select the new shortcut and press the key combination you want to assign to it
  • Close, and you're done!
You may find also this post useful: How to add hibernate option to Mint 13

Canon MG4250 installation on Mint13

The instructions presented here are a more compact version of the ones provided in this blog, and improved for Linux Mint (but should suit well also to Ubuntu). For more detailed infos please refer to the link above.

  1. Download the latest printer and scanner drivers (see links)
  2. Exctract the two files:  in a Terminal type
    ls *mg4200series*.tar.gz | xargs -i tar xzf {}
  3. Open the printer driver folder:  cd cnijfilter-mg4200series-3.80-1-deb/
  4. Run the installation:  ./  and follow the instructions on the terminal.
  5. Open the scanner driver folder:  cd ../scangearmp-mg4200series-2.00-1-deb/
  6. Run the installation:  ./
  7. Since no launcher is created in the Menu, right click on the menu button and select "Edit menu" got to the category you desire to see the scanner in (e.g. "Graphics") and then click the "New item" button. Put whatever you desire under name and comment, and the following in the "Command" field:  scangearmp
  8. If the first time you launch the scanner an error appears, just proceed and click the button saying "Update scanner list"; wait a while, then your scanner should appear.
This should be all. As mentioned above, for more detailed instructions please refer to the guide linked in the first phrase.